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We have interviewed hundreds of successfully transplanted Minnesotans of color to find out what really mattered to them when they relocated. Based on their input, we have developed a variety of tools to help newcomers establish personal and professional connections more quickly. 


Our proprietary tools include WhatMatters™, the Welcome Team™ and YourCity™ Tours.

is an extensive database of solutions, experiences and recommendations gathered from hundreds of successfully-transplanted Minnesotans from a variety of backgrounds. We can quickly provide specific, practical and proven recommendations just by matching your employee’s needs and interest to solutions in the WhatMatters™ database.

The Welcome Team™ is a select group of personal and professional ambassadors that can offer relevant advice; share their relocation experiences as well as
the advantages and disadvantages of the strategies that they used.

YourCity Tour™ is a personalized, in-depth driving tour customized around a newcomer’s priorities where a Welcome Matters staff member drives the relocating professional around the metro area to see and discuss key areas, make introductions to service providers and meet other transplanted Minnesotans with shared interests and backgrounds.

What makes us so effective is that each program leverages our proprietary tools. All of these tools were designed to get the relocated professionals settled and comfortable quickly, allowing them to
become a fully engaged, satisfied and productive employee.

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