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Our personalized programs help newcomers acclimate quickly. Choose one or multiple programs to best meet the need. Each program in our suite builds on the other which results in a comprehensive orientation package that addresses the three most critical needs:
  1. Finding personal care service providers
  2. Establishing social networks and professional connections outside of the organization
  3. Understanding local culture and communication norms in the business setting and the community

program provides the basic information to get a newcomer’s home life and personal needs settled within 30 days so that they can focus their time and attention to their new job.

FamilyMatters™ program gets trailing family plugged in by providing each member with information about local education, hobby and activity options.

ConnectionsMatter™ program pairs your employee with successfully-transplanted professionals with similar experiences, who are committed to mentoring newcomers as they navigate life in the Twin Cities.
Your employee will hear stories and personal experiences from people with similar backgrounds, interests and vocations.

CommunityMatters™ program helps your employee get involved through volunteerism. For this program, Welcome Matters will introduce your new hire to organizations that offer community service opportunities which match his personal beliefs and busy schedule. .


InsightMatters™ program is a two-part discussion and training session on frequently-misunderstood style issues and communication norms which are unique to Minnesota. In part one, Welcome Team members meet with your employee in an informal setting to share their insights on the challenges they encountered as new Minnesotans and how they overcame them. In part two, an executive coach provides tactical instruction and facilitates a role-play practice session in a 1-on-1 setting.

FeedbackMatters™ program is the only one of our programs that focuses on the company's culture, rather than on employee acclimation. Through employee interviews, this program helps your organization validate cultural perceptions
and offers critical information. As a third party interviewer, we collect candid and thorough information which can be used to refine your on-boarding process, increase your employee retention rate and reduce expenses related to unnecessary employee turnover.

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