Your Key Partner for Talent Retention
It's a problem too many good employers in Minneapolis/St. Paul face: you recruit, hire and train the best and most diverse executive talent this country has to offer, but they don't stay. Often professionals of color leave, not because the job opportunities are unattractive or scare, but rather because they’ve been frustrated in their efforts to make this community feel like home. Many cite personal and professional frustrations, including their struggle to understand local cultural and communication norms.

Welcome Matters is here to help. We specialize in helping professionals of color get connected. We offer your new executives a personal, heartfelt welcome to this community on your behalf and give them the information they need to get their home life in order quickly. We can help you retain your valuable talent.

We offer what no other organization can, an authentic, experience-based guidance and consultation. Our proprietary tools and customized programs help your new employee
  • Decrease the time it takes to reach productivity in their new role
  • Fast-track their sense of belonging in the community
  • Increase their effectiveness by sharing strategies for mastering local communication norms

And when their personal and family lives are well and happy, they can concentrate and become strong leaders within your organization.

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